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Usages of smartphones is sky rocketing and it’s only going to increase even more. With the rise in mobile usage lots of companies including Apple introducing new features and technologies to excite customers to upgrade. That gives rise to mobile rumor with people sharing crazy designs, unrealistic product expectations and endless feature set. These are all pretty much rumors until confirmed by their respective manufacturers.

Mobile rumors are everywhere these days and as you might guess they are sometimes false. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bother me when people say something like this. It does. That’s why I decided to set up a twitter poll so that I could gauge community opinion on whether or not this rumored iPhone 13 design should be believed.

Rumor has it that Apple will announce the next generation of their popular smartphone at an event in September. The only problem is…we don’t know who will be present at the event or even what they will announce. Reports are saying that the next iPhone won’t feature a Touch ID Display, but it could feature a new A15 processor and a faster RAM solution. Other than this, there are no concrete details on what could possibly be unveiled at this year’s event.What are your thoughts on this potential piece of news? Do you think it could potentially be worth pre-ordering an iPhone 13 (or iPhone 2021 or whatever it’s going to be called) just for the chance to get an invite to this event?

Rumors are everywhere. And even though Apple doesn’t officially comment on rumors, it’s not impossible to take things at face value. As we approach the iPhone 13’s release date, rumors are starting to take on a life of their own. Today we’ll look at four major items that have been reported to be in the iPhone 13’s box (or already in our hands). You’ll find out whether these rumors are credible, or just another wave of hyping leading up to a consumer release

Recently many people are talking about the annoying the new candybar feature. Some people find this new feature to be a serious privacy risk, as it allows a third party app called CC Transfer to read their text messages and calendar events without their knowledge. Others argue that this is just another example of Apple pushing Apple Pay out to all their customers, and if you aren’t using Apple Pay you aren’t really using iOS 15…

Mobile rumor is circulating today regarding an upcoming redesign of the iPhone’s interface. Many in the tech community are speculating that iOS could see a return of some kind. Many satisfied users have taken to Twitter and message boards like Reddit to voice their excitement over a possible return to the familiar.Rumors have reached a fever pitch recently enough that Apple has scheduled an event for September 17th to discuss the issue. Stay tuned!

What if you could count on the rumors to tell you when mobile devices were about to be released? Or what if you could be informed before anyone else was? If you have a strong interest in mobile devices and want to stay in the know about what’s coming next, this is how. Follow sites such as Android Central, iPhoneHacks and iAuthority for detailed rumors about upcoming mobile hardware and software releases. You can also find out information about upcoming software releases through blogs and forums run by developers who have access to confidential information about upcoming mobile releases

Mobile rumor’s are everywhere these days and can make or break your excitement for an upcoming product release. Find out which rumors are legitimate by reading through the following tips. Then use these tips to help decide which rumors are most important to track down and spread around. Stay informed about the latest news about Sling TV, Apple Music and other mobile streaming services.

There are apparently going to be two Google Pixel 6 phones, though as of right now there’s no word about which one is the real deal and which one is a leak. One of the phones is said to have a 6-inch Super AMOLED panel along with a fingerprint scanner. I’m not sure if this means the panel will be edge-lit or just that the scanner will be built into the back of the phone. Either way, this is pretty exciting news for Pixel fans. The other phone is said to have a 12 MP rear-facing camera with OIS as well as a 5 MP camera on the front. It will have 64 GB of storage and will launch with Android 12.

Mobile Rumor

Mobile rumor about new Pixel 6 have been spreading like wildfire. Some say Google will announce a new phone with the codename Marlin. Others have heard talk of a new phone with a completely redesigned Android OS called Oxygen OS. No one knows what this next phone will include, but it will most likely bring with it a major design overhaul and some new – perhaps even revolutionary – features.

Rumors about a new smartphone are always interesting. And this time is no different, as many are speculating about a 6-inch or larger smartphone coming from Google. Several other tech sites are also reporting on the new device, which is said to come with a redesigned camera system and an update to Android 11. Stay tuned to find out more about this rumored phone as it becomes more credible!

Rumors are everywhere these days. Some are reliable, some less so. As with everything related to Android, what seems reliable one day may turn out to be false the next. Whatever your opinion of the matter, there’s no denying that the Android foundations are solid – especially with Google at the helm. Pixel 6 is no doubt one of these things. However, as rumors go, this one might just blow your mind

Rumors are trickling in about a possible 6th Incognito OS release for devices such as Pixel and iPhone. Some are saying the next major release will bring with it a redesigned browser with upgradeable features. Others are speculating about a release sometime in 2021. We’ve reached out to Google for comment on this report but have yet to receive a reply.

Pixels 6 is said to bring a host of improvements to Google’s mobile applications, including improved hardware and software support, as well as new Google services that have been previously announced. And while it’s unclear which features will make it to the final version of Android 12, one thing is known for sure: no more empty YouTube videos. Because nothing needs to be more nostalgic than getting stuck with an awful video on your mobile device while you were trying to go about your day.

Mobile rumor is everywhere these days. The best way to stay informed about the latest mobile rumors is through our blog and social media channels. We’ll keep you informed about everything from new Android phones to new features in iOS. The best part about rumors is that they can be proven or false. When there is an actual announcement, it will be here first on our site and on social media so be sure to check back often!