One of the popular and most sought item during the last US election was a necklace worn by former first lady Michelle Obama. Want to launch a jewelry business? Here is a great .com domain name with exact match terms vote and necklace.

“Vote Necklace” – This bold statement necklace is a piece from ByChari, a jewelry brand owned by black. It costs $295 and is available in gold, rose gold and silver. If you feel inspired to show your own enthusiasm for the democratization process, grab a delicate gold chain that will capture the eye of attentive viewers of the movie “V-O-T-E-A-L-A” by jewelry designer Bychari. As previously reported, the 14-carat gold voter necklace the former first lady wore at the Democratic National Convention on Monday night during her speech was designed by black jewelry brand ByChari and retails for $295. The necklace comes in three colors, and you can adjust the length of the letters and the size by adding a diamond.

In the US, Michelle Obama’s Vote Collier was worn when she spoke at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in 2020 and can be purchased here. She wore a bespoke $430 necklace that read ‘VOTE’ in black Chinese brand Bychari by designer Chari Cuthbert. Anna Corpron of Brevity Jewelry designed the Vote necklace in sizes small and large as a statement piece with sizes of gold-plated 108 x 148 and stainless steel 78 x 118.

I’m a big fan of finding ways to copy the looks of celebrities and Michelle Obama’s string of outfits she wore at the Democratic National Convention in 2020 takes them to a new level. Although we may not be able to create the same incredible spirit as her, we can still copy her beautiful Vote Collier look. For those who are still itching to grab their hands on this necklace, let me introduce you to Bychari jewelry brand.

The big star of the Democratic National Convention 2020 was the silver necklace with former First Lady Michelle Obama’s word “VOTE,” designed by Jamaican-born Chari Cuthbert and an apparently identical copy by jewelry retailer Mint Lily, which was marketed along with Obama’s photo after the jewelry brand threatened legal action against the retailer and others who copied her design. Michelle Obama’s “Vote” necklace by Chari Cuthberts went viral on social media after her DNC speech on August 17 and the brand told Forbes it was overwhelmed by orders and press requests. While the original chain sold for about $30-40, the $80 ByChari chain costs between $300 and $1,000 depending on the length and size of the letters selected by the customer.

Zale’s 14k gold 18-inch necklace with hand-mounted letters spelling “VOTE” is $249 with free shipping. The author, lawyer and podcast behind the necklace is from the black jewelry company Bychari. The necklace is an unusual item, along with 50 rings, bracelets worth $50 to $60, $65 to $85 pins, and a $50 collection of jewelry to commemorate the centennial of the 19th Amendment, which has donated $5 to the League of Womens Voters NYC.

After a powerful speech about the importance of voting, people on Twitter called on the former Vice President and possibly Democratic candidate Joe Biden to sell a simple gold necklace that reads V-O-T-E. The internet is obsessed with asking what people do with the bling they have. As former First Lady Michelle Obama began speaking, her eye-catching vote Collier started to trend on Twitter and the sudden influx of searches made it the breakout term on Google Trends.

Vote Necklace

The New York Times fashion director Vanessa Friedman tweeted that the necklace was made by Chari, an independent black jewelry company founded by Chari Cuthbert. In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Cuthberts revealed that Obama reached out to the stylist a few weeks before the convention and that she was unaware that she would be wearing the necklace to such a high-profile event.

‘Michelle Obama’s V O T E necklace went viral for inviting people to highlight the ups and downs of her speech. The world’s most famous designer, Chari Cuthbert, whose parents were born in Jamaica, and her five co-workers in Los Angeles were inundated with calls. Obama’s decision to promote Chari as an African-American reflects a recent trend on the cover of British Vogue, where 40 activists wear the clothes of BAME designers, influential individuals, and organizations that strive to promote small black businesses rather than submit to the white-led conglomerates that dominate the fashion industry.

Cuthbert received a message from her mother with a blurry screenshot of a clip of Obama wearing the Bychari Vote necklace. Cuthbert knew Obama owned the necklace because Obama’s stylist bought it from ByChari in late July. She said that within 12 hours of his speech on Monday night, the order for the Vote necklace, which retails for $300, was about $2,000.

Cuthbert pointed out that each piece in the production is made with a processing time of three to four weeks and that he called his suppliers frantically last night in anticipation of a rush of orders, but hopes that he and his small team can start making necklaces in two weeks.

I had planned to watch the Democratic National Convention (DNC) with her in the background on my computer while I was working on August 17. I reeled off Michelle Obama’s speech and saw her, and when I saw she was wearing a Chari necklace, I was so devastated I sobbed.